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NoorStudents Academy

Empowering Your Quranic Journey
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12 sessions, 4 hours

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Beginner to Advanced

Course Level

Normal Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to the Quran

Understanding the importance of the Quran in Islam

Learning about the Quranic language

Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet and its pronunciation

Module 2: Quranic Recitation

Introduction to basic Quranic recitation rules

Practice of basic Quranic verses

Importance of proper pronunciation and intonation in Quranic recitation

Module 3: Memorization of Short Surahs

Memorization and recitation of short surahs such as Surah Al-Fatihah, Surah Al-Ikhlas, and Surah Al-Falaq

Understanding the meanings of these surahs and their significance in Islam

Module 4: Quranic Etiquette

Importance of proper behavior and manners when interacting with the Quran

Learning about the proper way to handle the Quran and how to show respect for its words

Module 5: Quranic Stories

Introduction to stories from the Quran, such as the story of Prophet Adam (PBUH) and Prophet Noah (PBUH)

Learning about the morals and lessons from these stories and how they can be applied to everyday life

What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.


My children recite consistently

Thank you NoorStudents, for your providing this deep and necessary service. My children have never been this consistent with recitation of Quran earlier. It was excellent, I love your work with my kids. - Medina Collins


My tajweed has improved a lot

“I am very happy with NoorStudents courses. My tajweed has improved a lot and the teachers are also one of the best. They teach so well that it is ingrained in minds. It was a great experience!” - Lauren Clarke


Very clear and understanding

“I felt very comfortable with the teachers who taught me. The way they comfort students and Allhmdollilah the way of teaching in the beginning itself was very clear and understanding.” - Noori Mohsen


Huge progress in our son

“We can see huge progress in our son, the speed and intonation. I’m very pleased with the learning of him in all his lessons. He improved his Quran reading and knowledge. I’m grateful that I found NoorStudents.” - Basim Newton

Plans For This Course

See below our three main plans for our courses. It starts from here! You can chose & teach yourself what you really like.

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Basic Level (Online)

If you or your child is a beginner in Quran, whether they are not familiar with the Arabic alphabets or are unable to form complete sentences. This is the first course they should begin with.



Advanced Level (online)

If you or your child already know how to read Arabic and the Quran but wish to improve on their Tajweed or Qira’at, you may opt for this course. This course is flexible to the student’s abilities.

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