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Joining our affiliate program is easy and free. Sign Up, Share and it’s Done!


30 day

every person who visits with your link will be tracked for up to 30 days. Even if they don't enroll immediately, if they come back to our site even directly, we understand they came from your side.


We already have some examples for sharing your link on social media. Prepared message, picture, video and brochure. Just add your link at the end of your messages and share!


We give a huge amount of course price to affiliates. If you have good social networks even it's easier to have a better share. We pay to our affiliates with different wallets such as PayPal, Payeer and ...


NoorStudents works with different languages such as Arabic, English, Turkish, Persian and Russian, then you have a better chance for a successful promotion. Just link students to our site, the rest on us 🙂

As an affiliate, you can earn $20 for every student you refer to our academy. Join us today and start sharing the gift of knowledge with others!


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With our marketing engine, every person who visits NoorStudents through your unique affiliate link will be tracked for up to 30 days. This means that even if they don’t enroll immediately, you still have the chance to earn a commission if they decide to join within that period.
As an affiliate, you will have access to a comprehensive affiliate panel where you can monitor your visits and referral analytics in real-time.

As soon students pay and finish half of their course (about 3 weeks), NoorStudents will start process of payment to the affiliate.

  • If student doesn’t pay after registration, affiliate share will be rejected.

Please contact our support (Support page) to chose your method of payment. (PayPal, wallets, Crypto, direct bank transfer and… are available)

Generaly the affiliate program started with 20$ per every student that you reffer to site. You can see range in your affiliate page. Noorstudents can change renge of affiliate in anytime based on time and discounts on courses.


You will receive your affiliate link in your email, after registration


Attention! Your name must be your legal name. Payments will only be made to a bank or wallet account that is registered under this name.

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